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Hermosa Beach divorce services such as family attorney for mediation and early marital guidance

Premarital / Early Marital Guidance

Premarital/Early Marital Counseling is a wise investment for anyone starting out with the intention of having a long-term, loving, and connected relationship. This counseling process is short-term and goal oriented. In part, it is a discussion led by an experienced mental health professional around specific topics such as finances, sex, family planning, and parenting philosophies. Unlike traditional Couples Therapy, Premarital/Early Marital Counseling is done expressly to prevent significant problems from occurring and instead to proactively help a relationship succeed and thrive. Unfortunately, the typical mindset is to seek assistance when there are problems as opposed to seeking guidance in order to avoid them. Premarital/Early Marital Counseling is akin to providing strong emotional scaffolding around a relationship the same way we might around the building of any important structure.


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