Dr. Natasha Kruse

Clinical Psychologist

Contact Information

Phone: (310) 995-2628
E-mail: connect@drnatashakruse.com

Web Site: www.drnatashakruse.com

Hermosa Beach
2200 Pacific Coast Hwy. Suite 312A
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Change is good.

“Taking the step to make changes in your life can sometimes be difficult and will likely lead to more fulfillment and balance in your life.”

About Natasha

All relationships and experiences in life take some effort. My work with individuals and couples focuses on giving people an opportunity to understand their experience, how it is affecting them and those around them, and ways to best cope from a place of awareness, self respect and integrity.

Awareness is essential for change to occur. I support individuals in confronting personal struggles, life transitions, and feelings such as anxiety and depression. The process of therapy is not always an easy one and it is one that can move your life forward in a more balanced way.