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Hermosa Beach divorce services such as a Neutral Financial Specialist or collaborative divorce attorney legal services

The Role of the Neutral Financial Specialist

A neutral financial specialist will educate individuals regarding the short- and long-term financial consequences of the settlement options being considered. This will enable them to make fully informed decisions and choose what is most appropriate for their situation. The financial specialist helps individuals collect financial information and uses divorce-planning software for cash flow and scenario modeling, thereby providing a clear view of all of options and an opportunity to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each scenario.

One of the biggest concerns for people facing divorce is the lack of knowledge necessary to make the right decisions regarding their future financial security. The most common questions are:

  • How can the assets be divided so there is enough money to support two households?
  • How is this divorce going to affect each person financially?
  • Can each person still accomplish his/her financial goals?

Experience has shown that once people going through a divorce fully understand their financial options, there is a sense of control and security about the future.

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