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Hermosa divorce services such as family attorney for post judgment modification or collaborative divorce

Post-Judgment Modification

The divorce is over, but there’s a disagreement…now what?

In many cases, issues crop up after a couple thought their case was over. There are many examples of these issues, including:

  • the support payer loses a job, or becomes disabled, and needs a temporary or long-term reduction in his/her support obligation
  • the supported spouse needs an increase in support for similar reasons
  • a parent moves away requiring modification of the parenting schedule
  • a child wants to significantly change the schedule, resulting in a change in both child support and the schedule
  • disagreements about parenting choices or activities for the children
  • the family residence must be sold and the parties cannot agree on terms

But “going back to court” is not the only option. Couples may utilize a cooperative process such as collaborative divorce or mediation for any of these post-judgment conflicts, even if the divorce case was litigated. Depending on the nature of the issues, the assistance of a collaborative attorney, mediator, financial professional, coach, and/or child specialist, may be utilized. By resolving issues in a cooperative way, couples may reduce conflict and save money.

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