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Family Therapy

Family Therapy is a short-term, interactive treatment process between the family members and a therapist. This approach is usually several months in length, bringing together family members regularly to resolve recurring problems. This approach helps strengthen the family in meaningful ways. Everyone involved comes to realize the power and benefit of working together from a present/future focus. The interventions usually focus on the family’s current concerns by paying close attention to what is working and not working within the family. Family therapy is adaptive enough so that sometimes the therapist is meeting with all family members and at other times with just one or a few.

Stepfamily Therapy has problems that belong solely and uniquely to the stepfamily system.  Often with the understanding of those systemic issues, a couple can begin to stop fighting and working together. Stepparents often feel very alone and confused in this family system, often reporting “I don’t feel like myself anymore.” Children are struggling with new adults in their lives and loyalty binds with their parents, and their challenges are usually not really understood by the adults. The parent of the children often finds themselves protective, aligning with their children, which alienates the stepparent, while trying to make everyone happy.   They become discouraged after a time because they find no matter how hard they try they cannot “stop” the problems.

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