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Divorce Co-Parenting / Communication Guidance

Researchers, mental health professionals, and family courts consistently emphasize Parental Conflict as one of the most damaging aspects of divorce. Children suffer tremendously when they are exposed to their parents’ heated debates, badmouthing, insults, and high-conflict situations.

Children in these situations view themselves as half-Mom and half-Dad. Therefore, if they hear negative information or comments about one parent, children tend to view it as something bad about themselves.

Furthermore, exposing children to parental conflict can:

  • place children in loyalty conflicts (feeling as if they must choose one parent over the other)
  • continue or escalate children’s feelings of fear and insecurity
  • damage children’s self-esteem and sense of identity
  • prolong short-term reactions to divorce and keep children from successfully adjusting
  • contribute to the development of negative long-term relationships

The emotional damage to children as a result of long-term conflict between parents can inhibit a child’s ability to lead happy and productive lives within society.

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