The movie “A Marriage Story” on Netflix, portrays a couple who transition from initially looking to find common ground for their divorce to becoming enemies looking to tear each other down to make sure they both got their just dues in the end.

As I watched the plot unfold, I observed a couple, who initially wanted to co-parent equally to finding fault with each other and bitterly fighting their divorce out in court for all to see.

You know, it doesn’t have to be this way, but sadly many couples are not aware that there is a better way to get divorced. A way that is private, that is kinder and that leaves the family unit intact – where the child(ren’s) mental health is taken into account.

There is a better way – it is through the collaborative divorce process, often referred to as the “no court divorce.”

The goal of a Collaborative Divorce process is to divide a couples’ assets in a fair and mutually agreeable manner by using a team approach to divorce.  Each spouse has their own attorney who work together, a neutral financial advisor, and as needed, mental health professional(s), and a child specialist working together to agree on a plan to co-parent the children, and to craft a divorce that is fair and balanced in a less costly and time-consuming manner than litigation and takes into account the interest/concerns of each party.  The couple makes the decisions – not a judge.

The no-divorce court plan keeps the family unit intact. As the movie unfolded, we saw through the traditional divorce litigation lens how the husband and wife, through their lawyers, exploited their character flaws and were out to win no matter the cost to the couple and their family.  In the collaborative divorce process – this is far from how it works.

We have long held the ambition of creating a safe environment for couples and families to work on the challenges that arise from any stage of the life cycle. Our group of experts at CCSC consists of attorneys, mediators, financial professionals, and mental health professionals.

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Divorce respectfully.  Divorce Peacefully.

Kimberly Davidson