Hermosa divorce services such as family attorney for mediation or collaborative divorce


“Collaborative Divorce puts the kids first.  All the decisions were what we made- not the lawyers or judges.  It gave us control over the outcome of our divorce.”



Hermosa divorce services such as family counseling

Mental Health

“Your level-head, counsel, and coaching through my divorce has been instrumental in keeping me grounded and aligned so I can make better choices.”



Hermosa divorce services such as family financial advice


  • Non-Litigation Neutral Accountant
    • Mediation
    • Collaborative
  • Financial Specialist
    • Individual planning
    • Couples planning together

    “You helped me through the divorce process to better understand the financial and tax implications, and this undoubtedly helped me avoid financial landmines in my future.  Thank you!” D.S.


Our purpose is to provide comprehensive services for couples and families – all in one place – for anything related to divorce or reconciliation.

 Collaborative / Mediation (Offered at CCSC)Litigation
Control of Process:You + spouse outside of courtCourt-based
Cost:Costs are usually less than litigationCosts are unpredictable and can escalate rapidly
Lawyer's Role:Lawyers work with you + spouse to create a settlement agreementLawyers are adversaries and the family loses
Privacy:Negotiation of details is privatePublic record / media attention
Timing of Divorce Process:You + spouse are in control of how fast /slow the process isJudge / lawyers determine the timing of how fast / slow process is
Use of Other Professionals:Jointly retained financial and /or mental health specialists to assist in creating mutually beneficial solutionsEach hire own specialist to support individual positions often at a much greater expense