Our purpose is to provide comprehensive services for couples and families – all in one place – for anything related to divorce or reconciliation.

 Collaborative / Mediation (Offered at CCSC)Litigation
Control of Process:You + spouse outside of courtCourt-based
Cost:Costs are usually less than litigationCosts are unpredictable and can escalate rapidly
Lawyer's Role:Lawyers work with you + spouse to create a settlement agreementLawyers are adversaries and the family loses
Privacy:Negotiation of details is privatePublic record / media attention
Timing of Divorce Process:You + spouse are in control of how fast /slow the process isJudge / lawyers determine the timing of how fast / slow process is
Use of Other Professionals:Jointly retained financial and /or mental health specialists to assist in creating mutually beneficial solutionsEach hire own specialist to support individual positions often at a much greater expense